Canadians See Bigger 360 Price Drop

Canadians See Bigger 360 Price Drop

800px-Flag_of_Canada.svg.pngWhile Microsoft lowered the Xbox 360 Premium by $50 in the US, Canadians will see a $100 (CDN) price drop on both the Premium and Core systems.

Oh, but that’s inflated Canadian money, you say? Not the real, green, American, smells-like-Wendy’s money like we have here? But actually, $100 CND equals $97 USD by current exchange rates. Yeah, the difference isn’t anywhere near that miles vs. kilometers standard that always makes their speed limits sound so high.

So why the price drop? Canadians had been paying almost $100 more for each SKU. Their Premium is actually running $378 USD after the drop. No worries, America still rules!

Thanks Steve!

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