NBA Live 08 To Feature Disappearing Players

ea_photoshop_magic.jpgIt's no secret that the screenshots marketing departments distribute are regularly touched up by someone in the art department. As they're often not indicative of actual gameplay, what's the harm? None. No one wants to look at ugly screenshots. However, today's screenshot debacle comes from EA's NBA Live 08, also famous for the hilarious single-wheeled car shot from The Godfather. Can't quite see what the hubbub is about, bub? Make the jumpshot for a detailed pic.ea_photoshop_detail.jpgOopsie! Either someone forgot to review the art assets for NBA Live 08 or an unspecified player for the Raptors is about to be wiped out of existence forever because his parents are in danger of never sharing a magical kiss at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.

EA shows clearest 'bullshot' in a long time [Joystiq]


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