NCsoft Sales Down, Profits Up

NCsoft Sales Down, Profits Up

lineageii.jpgNCsoft, the Korean developer behind Lineage (among other things), just posted its second quarterly earnings: sales of $US82.1 million, which is down 11%, but operating profits of $US11.5 million – which is a jump of 533%. Sales were heavily weighted to the local Korean market, but they continue to make in-roads elsewhere in the world. With contracts to develop games for the PSP and PS3 and several new games launching soon, I suppose we can expect those profits to keep rolling in.

NCsoft’s CFO Jaeho Lee said in a statement that NCsoft is continuing to integrate its PlayNC online gaming service, and introduce casual games such as Atrix and SP Jam ….

In July, NCsoft and Sony announced an exclusive agreement to bring NCsoft-developed titles to the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

For the third quarter, the company will be launching the second Lineage II title, The Chaotic Throne: The Kamael, as well as the aforementioned Atrix and SP Jam, which are currently in open testing.

NCsoft Sales Down, Operating Profits Up [Next Generation]

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