Nerd Cookbook

2007-08-11-414.jpg For those who want to learn to cook (and cook like a nerd), there's this. Called Otaku Meshi Cooking, the book is directed at folks who don't or can't cook. No, actually it's directed at "the otaku life" and contains balanced recipes based on ingredients that can be purchased at convenience stores. The cooking is even apparently designed to give energy to those attending events like Wonder Festival and the Tokyo Game Show. Written by race queen and otaku princess Yunmao Ayakawa, it's a manga-style cook book filled with colour pics and recipes for things like Haruhi Suzumiya yakisoba. The Haruhi bento lunch looks kinda hard, though. Still, a nerd cookbook based on things you can buy at 7-11? That's brilliant!

Otaku Cooking [Akiba Blog]


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