New Alien Vs Predator Game In Development

avp.jpgHold your horses. Just...hold them. There's a new Alien vs Predator game in development. It's being developed by Rebellion, who were behind the PC AvP shooters that I think are only two of the best shooters ever. Cause for joy? Sadly, no! For starters, their new AvP game is based on the upcoming sequel to the awful Alien vs Predator movie. Second, it's on PSP. Third? It's a third-person action game. Look, for all I know this could be some awesome PSP third-person action game based on a storied franchise that'll blow our baby socks clean into tomorrow. But when you put Rebellion to work on a game involving Aliens and/or Predators, and it's not on PC and it's not an FPS, a certain level of disappointment is to be expected. Original PC developer Rebellion working on a brand new AVP title [Games Radar]


    it is good

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