New Batch Of Xbox 360s Not Yet Sporting New Falcon Chipset

IMG_1549-copy.jpgBrave NeoGAF member and Kotaku Defence Force lieutenant "wonderkins" was bold enough to crack open the chassis on his brand new Xbox 360, one of the newly released Premiums with HDMI output. This inside look at the gory internal workings of the newest Xbox 360 is now largely assumed to be off the "Zephyr" variety, following the motherboard and heatsink form factor of the Xbox 360 Elite. What's that mean? The latest hardware release from Microsoft is most likely not of the "Falcon" 65nm manufacturing spec, meaning the arrival of cooler, smaller, hopefully more reliable CPUs is still unknown.

On the plus side, wonderkins did provide a photo of the new Premium's hard drive, the quieter BenQ variety. More shots of the hardware in the gallery below and at the original NeoGAF thread. Thanks to wonderkins for the original photos.

The Falcon and the Snowman: Greatest Movie Ever or The Greatest? [NeoGAF]


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