New DS Screens Not As Good As Old DS Screens?

dsliteangle.jpgGAFfer The Mighty Schwein just picked up one of the new black & red DS Lites, got it home, fired it up and noticed something. The screens weren't very good. In fact, compared to those found on older DS Lite's, they're not too good at all, with the viewing angle greatly reduced (as pictured - note that the screen's brightness remains unchanged). Question is, did he get a faulty DS Lite? Is this affecting all new DS Lites? Or just the black & red one? Answers are currently being sought. In the meantime, if you've bought a DS Lite recently and can compare it to an older one, let us know if you can see the same thing. Nintendo DS Lite gets new LCD screens. Not for the better unfortunately [The Mighty Schwein @ NeoGAF]


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