New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Shows Four New Bosses

New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Shows Four New Bosses

MGS4_GC_020.jpgThe newest Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer was, surprisingly, on the show floor, tucked away in the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune area at Sony’s booth, playing on a single screen. The trailer opened with the familiar camp scene from the second MGS4 trailer, following Snake and a group of Foxhound soldiers on the hunt for Liquid. However, instead of the innuendo-filled Raiden and Vamp fight, the Games Convention trailer showed all new content, including four of the game’s bosses, each of whom looks part human, part metal gear. We’re encoding video from the show floor now, but here’s a description of what occurs in the newest trailer with a few new screenshots from various scenes.Following the Kojima Productions credits, the trailer runs with the following scenes.

On the streets we’ve seen in the previous trailers, a heavily armoured bulldozer climbs over a mound of rubble, clearing away barricades laced with razor wire. Snake watches the dozen or so soldiers following the dozer, hiding behind a Dumpster.

The bulldozer struggles to pass something in the road. We can see only a portion of the obstruction, even from the driver’s view. The PMCs trailing the vehicle dart around the front to help clear the way.

The driver shifts gears, its treads spinning in place. He’s stopped cold by a four-legged metal gear dubbed Crying Wolf. As the driver realises what he’s up against, the monster begins to overturn the dozer. The driver, panicked, attempts escape as the soldiers spray the beast with machine gun fire.

Some have already given up and flank the dozer. They’re quickly sliced in half by the wings of aerial boss Raging Raven who flies away.

MGS4_GC_008.jpgThe remaining PMCs eventually given up on killing Wolf, attempting to flee the scene.

Five of them run into Laughing Octopus. The four-tentacled boss unsheathes her thick metal arms behind one of the unlucky, while another points to the danger behind him. She grabs the soldier with lightning speed, constricting him in her embrace until he’s crushed to death. A dry looking, death defining spray of blood is released and his body is dropped.

One of the remaining four of this group has had enough. He runs through a trio of PMCs, one armed with a rocket, taking aim at Octopus. The coward of the group suddenly locks up. He quivers. Then he opens fire upon his own team, killing them all.

He then starts floating, his arms and back are pulled in an unnaturally twisted position as we hear his back breaking. As the camera pans around him, we see that he is being suspended from a series of gossamer wires. Cut to Snake, who looks up to see a hovering Screaming Mantis on top of the building across the street. She sports a six armed backpack, blades in four of her mechanical limbs and what look like two floating, spindly, artificial embryos hovering by her side. She’s the definition of spooky.

Cut to another group of soldiers. They’re attempting to leave via another route. Raven flies overhead firing RPGs at an archway. The rubble crushes a threesome of soldiers. Cut to the back of Snake, still watching the slaughter.

MGS4_GC_011.jpgWolf returns running through a crowd of five survivors, bouncing off walls, headbutting the PMCs to death. Back for another run, he eliminates the remaining two.

Return to Octopus who is swatting away soldiers with one tentacle while skewering another, slamming his bloody corpse to the ground.

Raven is now on the ground, burning his jets over the corpse of a fallen soldier. Wolf howls into the sky. Octopus stands motionless, body draped from her techno-organic attachment.

Snake watches all the four bosses casually leave the scene, seemingly taking instructions from Mantis. Mantis looks in Snake’s direction, eyes glowing, and dramatically bowing toward him, making an ominous swipe with a sickled arm before backing away and out of view.

As the camera pans over the carnage…

Simultaneous worldwide release!

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