New Silent Hill 5 Details On Touchable Paper

couch0124_main_0.jpg There's been a dry spell. After bam-bam-bam four Silent Hill games in five years, fans have had to wait for the fifth entry in the series. The next issue (out September 4th) of game mag EGM has details about the still-in-development Silent Hill 5. The game is populated with new characters, but takes place in the same world. The game follows a young war vet who believes his brother is in danger and returns home. According to EGM, the game's combat system is getting reworked, but it will not be an action game. While originally developed in Japan, American studio The Collective is bringing the new title to life. Series composer Akira Yamaoka finds the switcheroo ironic as SH was Konami's stab "at making classic American horror through a Japanese filter," but with Silent Hill 5 "it's an American take on a Japanese-filter American horror." Woah. Heavy. I think I need to lie down, take a break. Back in five! SH5 Details [1Up]


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