New Track & Field Coming For DS

ITF.jpgWe know, the security at GC07's decidedly sub-par. McMike and Mark have been busy taking snaps, and so were 1UP, who strolled on by the Konami booth and saw these shots, for a NEW International Track & Field for the DS. It's so NEW that NEW is even part of the actual title. The part of my brain that's in charge of my warm, fuzzy memories is excited about this. As is the part that knows Sumo were responsible for my Xbox version of Outrun 2. But the part that's supposed to be looking after the well-being of my DS screen and finger muscles, it's not so keen. Nor indeed is the part that knows Sumo made Super Rub 'a' Dub. Which leaves me...back where I started, I guess. GC 2007: New International Track & Field for DS [1UP]


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