Next Tomb Raider "Well In Development"

laraclimb.jpgYou know all is well with the world when the sun rises, sets, and you hear that the Tomb Raider series is still kickin' around. Tomb Raiders Legend & Anniversary have given the once-flagging series a major kick in the ass, and now we have news that the next game in the series is well underway. No thanks to Core, though, they were stinking up the place, it's all down to Crystal Dynamics. Eidos' Ian Livingstone:

The next Tomb Raider is well in development now. It was a very bold move for us to move the development from [developer]Core over to Crystal Dynamics in the US. It was a difficult decision, but we had to do it, because of Angel of Darkness not meeting our expectations.

Poor Core. They didn't do it on purpose! Eidos' Ian Livingstone On The Future of Tomb Raider [SPOnG]


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