Bashcraft On Japanese TV, Hates It

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

No pukings today! I visit the TV set and interview the Japanese celebrity. The interview turned out really well — I’m gonna write a bang up mag article. Thing is, right before the interview, one of the crew said to me: “Oh, we’d really like to film you for the show.”
“Film me?”
“For the show?”
“Yes. Just the first ten minutes or so.”
“But, I’m already really nervous just about the interview let alone being filmed doing it.”
“You’ll be fine,” she told me.

Know: I hate being filmed. It’s not so much speaking in public that bothers me, it’s being filmed that irks me. About three or four years ago, I was on San Francisco TV, and I froze up. Literally. Like I couldn’t talk — and I was supposed to be speaking English! Earlier this year, when Kotaku was interviewed for TV, likewise, I freaked out. Everyone else did a fantastic job, but if you watch my clip, it’s just bizarre.

So, here I am, going to be on TV in a foreign language, when I can’t even handle it in my native one. They filmed it for ten minutes. When I went back and listened to my IC recorder, I sounded soooooo nervous. After those ten minutes, the interview was fine. But man, I really, really, really hate being filmed for TV stuff.

The day was actually a lot of fun. I got some really great quotes during the interview, and the crew was super nice. The TV producer is from Osaka, so that made me feel way comfortable. But the end of the shoot, we were conversing casually in the Osaka dialect, and he even gave me a lift to the bullet train station. Surprisingly pleasant day, and like I said, no puking.

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