Smelly Beans And Dead Fish For Breakfast

To: Crecente From: Bash RE: Teeth

Glad to hear the dog's got its chompers fixed. I still have two outstanding cavities to take care of. Probably want happen this week as I got to finish up three magazine articles and start applying for a permanent resident visa here in Japan. I think I'll need one to buy a house.

Tomorrow is Japanese breakfast day! My wife is waking up super early to make a whole spread — all Japanese food. Me, I like Japanese food, but prefer a Western style breakfast (as many people in Japan do as well). So tomorrow, bright and early, I'll be waking up to miso soup and fermented beans and fish. It'll be a big breakfast. The thinking is that you need to eat the most at breakfast time and less throughout the day. Dinner will be light. And breakfast, that'll be interesting...

Here's last night"No single issue" with Xbox 360 360 price dropped Halo edition 360 Musika is out!


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