NES iPod Remote Mod, Unofficial Upgrade

FJ41RS8F4R3E4HX.MEDIUM.jpgSure, you can control your iPod with the touch controls like everyone else. Or, you can spend a few hours modifying your iPod to be operated by an NES controller. Embedding a PIC microcontroller in the game pad fools the iPod into thinking you are using a more legitimate (though more boring) iPod remote. Most of us mere mortals have no hope of following the instructions to build an nesPod of our own, but we also know that everything is for sale...if the price is right.

The only catch is that the mod only works with 3rd or 4th gen iPods. But that's all right. It was all downhill after generation three when build materials became cheaper, and buttons transformed into a "click wheel."

NES Controller iPod Remote [via playgadgets]


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