Nintendo Not Even Thinking About A Wii Budget Line

wiibox.jpgRemember the 'Cube's Players Choice range? Maybe not, it was for the GameCube, you may have lost interest by then (but it's been the name of Nintendo's bargain re-release line since the SNES, so you really should). Cut-price classics. Sony's got their Platinum line for the PS2, Microsoft have their 360 Classics, both do the same thing. The Wii, though, Nintendo aren't even thinking about it (yet):

We have no plans for a Wii budget label. Nintendo Wii software is performing very well at its current price points.

Sure is. Why would they cut the price on stuff when you're all still paying full price for it? That'd be cuh-razy. And Nintendo aren't crazy. They're ruthless. No value label coming for Wii [MCV]


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