No More Heroes Features Otaku Lovenest

lazin.jpgNo More Heroes looks good enough. Suda, lightsabres, motorbikes, all good. Now, though, the game's yummy cake's got some yummy, yummy icing. Similar to later GTA games, Travis will have access to a safehouse. Unlike GTA, however, there's no drugs or designer coffee tables. Instead, you can kit this one out until it's the ultimate in super-nerd hideouts, with figurines, posters, giant robots and what looks like games and manga as well. Also on show is his wardrobe, where you can change into any of the Okama-designed tees you come across in your bloodthirsty, slightly off-centre adventures.


拠点となる部屋の全貌を公開! 『NO MORE HEROES(ノーモア★ヒーローズ)』[Famitsu]


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