Microsoft Starts Online Site For US Xbox Repairs

Microsoft Starts Online Site For US Xbox Repairs

RedRingofDeath.jpgIn answer to the seemingly never ending tales of Xbox 360 failures (mind you, unlike Crecente I’ve had mine for almost a year with no problems) Microsoft is launching an online site where US owners can help speed up the process of getting their original Xbox or Xbox 360 repaired.

This new service lets you register your Xbox or Xbox 360 console, setup a repair, and track the status of the repair, all online. This new site lets you create In-Warranty or Out-of-warranty repairs, and even gives you a $US5 discount for Out-of-Warranty repairs.

If you are in need of the site’s services you can go directly to Sounds the only thing it doesn’t do is actually package the thing up for you.

New Site Now Online for Xbox Repairs in US [Gamerscore Blog]

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