Nobody Wanted Poor BioShock

Nobody Wanted Poor BioShock

bioshockweb.jpgBioShock is just around the corner, and right now thousands of people are downloading the playable demo via Xbox Live just to get a small taste of what’s in store for what could be one of the best reviewed games of the year, but things weren’t always simulated sunshine and dead ponies for the eagerly anticipated FPS. Speaking to CVG, senior designer Joe McDonagh talks about how he was given a task that Ken Levine spent years trying to do with no luck. Finding a publisher for BioShock.

I remember pitching the game to one publisher who later told a friend of mine that it was ‘just another fucking PC FPS that’s going to sell 250,000 units.’

While no doubt taking comfort in how hard the publishers that declined the game are kicking themselves today, McDonagh understands the thinking behind their decisions. Sure you don’t get anywhere not taking chances, but generally you won’t fail either. Sound reasoning, but not good for the industry.

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