Otomedius Adds Boob-Free Character

emon5_otomedius.jpgThe official site for Konami's boob-filled Gradius-esque arcade shmup has been recently updated, revealing Otomedius' third playable character, one that is distressingly boob-free. Emon-5 joins the pink and blue haired maidens of Otomedius for what appears to be some very relaxed shooting. New gameplay movies have been added to the site, but they're of the popular postage-stamp size that Japanese corporations are so unusually obsessed with.

A brief update, yes, and disheartening in its lack of anime girl cleavage. Note that Konami promises more updates "comming soon" so keep your eyes peeled and huggable pillows within easy humping distance.

Otomedius Official Site [Konami.jp]


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