Microsoft - You Don't Need Hard Drive, But You Do (But You Don't)

the-xbox-360-120-gb-hard-drive-20070425043632060-000.jpgThis is how Microsoft responded to GamePro when questioned about "Hard Drive Required" sticker that will now appear on some games (since we aren't exactly sure what it means yet):

Every game will work with every Xbox 360 system...But just like some games will require you to have a Memory Unit to save games, some games will require you to have a Hard Drive to experience them.

Ahh. So "save" is now synonymous with "experience"? And "hard drive" is synonymous with "Memory Unit"? Just come out and say what we've all seen coming since launch—we'll need the freakin' hard drive because it's too irresistible to developers. (Of course, it's the exact definition of "need" that's in question here.)

But that's alright, Microsoft. Let me fill you in on a little secret: I don't care about people who were suckered into the Core. I's horrible of me. But that's how the rich (those with an extra Benjamin floating around) are. We don't give a shit about anyone else if it solves the issues with loading beautiful textures or any other massive content off of relatively slow DVD drives.

Just come out and say it: people who bought the Core will be screwed. Not a lot, but on a few games, they won't get the full experience (whether that's DLC as is true now, or it's something bigger affecting gameplay). And then apologise, drop the price on the hard drive, side step the fact that PS3 owners can install cheaper third party storage and we'll call it a day. Microsoft: 'Every game will work with every 360 system' [via destructoid]


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