Nothing Says Concept Car More Than Xbox 360 Dashboard

thewinningflux.jpg See that? Look closer. That's an Xbox 360 in the dashboard. You're looking at the winner of the Peugot International design competition winner. The Flux concept design, created by Romanian student Mihai Panitescu, was picked from over 4,000 entries. will get a full scale model at September's Frankfurt Auto as well as inclusion in Project Gotham Racing 4. Says Martyn Chudley from developer Bizarre Creations:

We were impressed with the innovative and the extreme car designs submitted; We hope that Mihai Panaitescu will be excited when he sees The Flux faithfully created on the Xbox 360.

Imagine how Mihai will feel when he sees the Xbox 360... Ah, forget it. Neat design and congrats! More Pics [Jalopnik]


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