NPD Numbers: Sony's Spin

carousel.jpgOnly thing better than a batch of NPD numbers is the downpour of platform-holder spin that follows them! First up today is Sony, who took the downright personable step of having Mariam Sughayer, SCEA's analyst relations manager, leave a message on Sony's PlayStation.Blog:

From a PlayStation perspective, coming out of E3 we were really anticipating a good reaction to our new hardware pricing announced on July 9th, and we were obviously very pleased to see that PS3 sales increased with 159K units sold at retail for the month of July, which puts us up 61% over June numbers.

Poor thing. That's what those in the spin business call a "Karraker's Crucible". Very tough ask. When the 360 becomes world-famous for simply not working, plus you drop your prices by $100 and still can't outsell it, there's only so much spin you can put on something before you just can't spin it any further. Still, considering the difficulty of the spin, it's not a bad performance from the Sony debutant. Industry Sales Climb, PS3 Sales Climb Too [PlayStation.Blog]


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