Okami Snags Questionably Coveted Edge Award

Okami Snags Questionably Coveted Edge Award

okami_edge.jpgAt the fifth annual Edinburgh Interactive Festival, which runs today and tomorrow, the winner of the EIF Edge Award was announced, with Clover Studios’ PlayStation 2 epic Okami nabbing the prize. I assume that title is something along the lines of “Best Game of 2007” or “Exceptional Achievement in Game Design” but it may be dryly appropriate, simply “Winner of the Edge Award.”

The action adventure title beat out Nintendo’s import-only Bit Generation series and Wii Sports, Canis Canem Edit (nee Bully), Dead Rising, DEFCON, Final Fantasy XII and Test Drive Unlimited to take the honour.

Fantastic! Now we’ve confirmed that just about everyone, everywhere loves the hell out of Okami. Please leave your “Where is the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 port?” comment in the text area field below.

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