Take-Two Hardly Pleased By All-Pro Football Reception

Take-Two Hardly Pleased By All-Pro Football Reception
jerry.jpgTake-Two, this just isn’t your day. Or year. Despite having the very best intentions with their All-Pro Football 2K8 game (namely giving Madden some, any, competition), things haven’t gone too well. Yeah, it looks like the same old NFL2K game, but without NFL teams it’s all fallen a little flat. Like, nobody’s buying it. Prompting CEO and President Ben Feder to state during a conference call today that:

We’re not terribly pleased and not disappointed. We’re watching closely and are going to react proactively when Madden comes out. We know we’re in competition with them.

You keep at em, Ben! I don’t like your chances of taking on the combined might of EA Sports AND the NFL licence with a bunch of retired players on made-up teams, but hey. Keep at em.
Take-Two Conference Call [Take-Two]

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