One Third Of 360 Owners Unaware Of Xbox Live Arcade

xbla_pie_chart.jpgA new report from research firm Frank N. Magid Associates reveals that Xbox 360 are not only largely unaware of the console's high definition graphics capabilities, but that nearly a third of owners are unfamiliar with the Xbox Live Arcade service. The report, based on response 1800 households (only 149 of which actually own an Xbox 360), reveals that while a large number of users have purchased or tried an XBLA title, a surprising number of them are clueless about how they can get UNO, Double Dragon or Pac-Man Championship Edition on their chill white Xboxes.

One can only assume that this "awareness gap" is due to the large number of dedicated Viva Pinata machines.

Magid: Almost a Third of 360 Owners Don't Know Xbox Live Arcade Exists [GameDaily BIZ]


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