Schwarzenegger To Appeal California Game Law

Schwarzenegger To Appeal California Game Law

arnold_what_220.jpgJust hours after Judge Whyte ruled on a 2005 California game law targeting “ultra-violent” video games that would have imposed fines on retailers who sold age inappropriate games to minors, Governor Schwarzenegger issued a press release stating that his office will “vigorously defend this law and appeal it to the next level.” The politician maintains the bill is critical to aiding parents make sound purchasing decisions for their kids.

Ahnuld’s response to the ruling follows bill author Leland Yee’s statement that he was personally “shocked” to learn of the unconstitutional ruling, urging the Governor to appeal the decision.

Obviously, Arnold and his team will need to determine if the ruling has the ability to bleed, as that is the determining factor whether such a thing can be killed. It’s possible that the Governor will look into the eyes of Judge Whyte and inquire “What the hell are you?” or call him “One ugly son of a bitch.” Then Whyte will initiate a self-destruct sequence in his alien gavel amid booming laughter. Sorry, just trying to add some flair to an otherwise dry turn of events.

BREAKING: Schwarzenegger Will Appeal CA Video Game Ruling [Game Politics]

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