China Introduces Anti-Corruption Game

China Introduces Anti-Corruption Game

gangoffour.jpg The government of China’s Zhejiang province decided to go after children and teach them in no uncertain terms that corruption is bad and everyone ought to do their part in ensuring corrupt party members, their families, and mistresses ought to die a painful death – in late July, they introduced ‘Incorruptible Fighter’ so players can slash their way through corruption and to a wonderful, corruption-free paradise that has no earthly connection to the China of today:

“Players fight their way through one level after another, overcoming all obstacles to eliminate corrupt officials and enter a spring-like paradise filled with birdsong and the scent of flowers, a peaceful world where people live in love, harmony and national prosperity,” the Ningbo [Zhejiang province]city government said in a statement.

Unfortunately, so many people were eager to play the game that the website crashed, and it’s still not back up yet. With China having several high-profile scandals under its belt in the past year, I suppose it’s no surprise that they’re trying to help the future officials of the party understand that corruption is a bad, bad thing. Though as one Beijing University professor put it, “Government officials should be the ones getting anti-corruption education, not local youngsters.”

China enjoys anti-corruption game [BBC News]and Chinese Gamers Hunt Corrupt Officials Online [PC World] , with photo credit to Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages, which is incomparable.

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