The Milk Ultra-Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite

milk_xbox360.jpgThe recommended gift for your first anniversary is paper, no? If I'm right on that, then the sixth anniversary is clearly an Xbox 360, as Hong Kong magazine MILK is celebrating its sixth year of publication with this very handsome limited edition Xbox 360 Elite, complete with subtle MILK branding. How limited? There are two.

The pair of MILK Elites are currently being auctioned off at the HK edition of Yahoo! Auctions, with current bidding at 7544 Hong Kong dollars (about 964 bucks US). The proceeds from the auction go to the World Wildlife Foundation, meaning anyone looking to be elite among the Elites can feel good about their excessive purchase.

More shots of the MILK Xbox 360 are available at the auction, MILK magazine and the Think Silly blog.


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