Only One PS3 Game Confirmed For TGS

sea_of_gropers.jpg With Leipzig just around the corner, the Tokyo Game Show seems a while off. It's not! On the first day, Kaz Hirai will be giving the TGS keynote — In Japanese! (I don't think I've ever heard him speak Japanese.) He'll be talking about business plans to expand the "PlayStation World." Exciting. A partial list of titles on exhibit has been confirmed. This is NOT by any means a final list, but so far there will be the same number of GameCube titles as PLAYSTATION 3 games on display. That number is one. So much for expanding! After the jump, the partial list of what's been confirmed so far:Platform Mobile Phone: 82 titles PC: 48 titles Nintendo DS: 29 titles PlayStation 2: 23 titles Wii: 8 titles Xbox 360: 4 titles PSP: 4 titles Nintendo GameCube: 1 title PLAYSTATION 3: 1 title

Here's how that breaks down by genre: Action: 45 titles RPG: 35 titles Sim: 29 titles Adventure: 17 titles Puzzle: 16 titles Shooting: 5 titles Sports: 4 titles Racing: 4 titles Other: 45 titles

That PS3 game is Sega's text-slash-horror game Imabikisou. Remember, this is NOT the final list, so no freaking out! We don't know what Konami or Square Enix is bringing. Yes, there will be tons of PLAYSTATION 3 games. TGS will be wall-to-wall PS3 games, and hell, they'll probably call this year's TGS the Tokyo PLAYSTATION 3 Game Show. So relax. List So Far [IT Media]


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