Famous Shmups Get Capsule Toy Treatment

Famous Shmups Get Capsule Toy Treatment

shmup_gashapon.jpgJapanese toy manufacturer Yujin is releasing a series of capsule toys featuring popular ships from classic shoot ’em ups like Irem’s R-Type and Konami’s venerable Gradius series dubbed the “Shooting Video Game History Gashapon.”

New York based importer Nation Console Support is now taking pre-orders for the first releases in the series, listed below.R-9A Arrow-Head from R-Type
0F-1 Daedalus from Image Fight
Vic Viper T301 from Gradius
Metarion from Gradius II
Silver Hawk from Darius Gaiden

At $US20 for all five, with an estimated ship date of early December, you’re looking at the perfect stocking stuffer for the shmup lover in your life. I’m looking at you, Mum.

SR Shooting Video Game History Gashapon [NCSX]

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