Osaka Logs Onto Final Fantasy XI Event

ffxionline.jpg Osaka-based Kotakuites, heads up! On the evening of November 3rd, Square Enix is holding a Final Fantasy XI: Online event in Umeda. Called "Final Fantasy Arutana Matsuri in Osaka," this is apparently the first time Square Enix has done this sort of single event for FF XI. There will be a developer talk session that will hopefully answer all your burning FF XI questions. Before the show, it costs ¥2,500 ($US21) to enter, but the entrance fee jumps to ¥3,000 ($US25) the day of. Limited edition "special game items" will be given to attendees. Something tells me that the item will somehow involve FF XI. Call it a hunch — a shot in the dark, if you will. FF XI Event in Osaka [PlayOnline]


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