Wave Racer 64 Now Has Ads for the Wii

waveracewii.jpgHow did we ever miss this when playing N64?? We kid. The Virtual Console version of Wave Racer 64 has had Wii and DS ads placed inside. Due to no longer holding the licence, Nintendo had to cover the Kawasaki banners of old.

It's not a big loss, and possibly and improvement. But one of my favourite parts of watching old videotapes is seeing the old commercials, pushing weird toothpaste ingredients and antiquated technology. The ads, now ineffective, are an unintentional commentary on society—a time capsule of our styles and values. As we see actual dynamic advertisements creeping into games (and already on TV sports), we may one day suffer a loss of nostalgia.

What? Wii ads appear in Wave Race 64? [siliconera]


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