Pachter Blames PS3 For GTA IV Delay

Pachter Blames PS3 For GTA IV Delay

pachter803.gifAs soon as we heard about the GTA IV delay we knew it was only a matter of time before Michael Pachter showed up on the scene to Pachterise the situation. So what is the real reason behind the delay of Grand Theft Auto VI? According to Wedbush Morgan’s analyst supreme, it’s none other than Sony’s PlayStation 3.

“We think it is likely that the Rockstar team had difficulty in building an exceptionally complicated game for the PS3, and failed to recognise how far away from completion the game truly was until recently,” said Pachter.

Speaking with, the analyst further suggests that a faulty non-exclusivity agreement made with Sony could be keeping Take Two from releasing a much more closer to completion Xbox 360 version early.

“We think it is also likely that Take-Two had a contractual commitment to Sony that it would not favour competitor Microsoft by launching the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV prior to launching the PS3 version, and believe that any delay of the PS3 version necessitated a delay of the Xbox 360 version,”

It would be quite a bitter pill for both Xbox 360 owners and Take-Two investors alike to swallow if this turns out to be the case. The phrase ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ comes to mind when bad decisions and what Pachter calls a fault green lighting process cause two of Take-Two’s biggest games to miss projected launch dates within the span of a few months. What was looking to be a huge year for the company is growing bleaker by the moment, and if Pachter is right they’ve only themselves to blame.

PlayStation 3 complications caused GTA IV delay – analyst []

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