Paramount Drops Blu-Ray

blurayhddvd.jpgDammit, will you people make up your minds? Every time I start feeling good or bad about my 360 HD DVD purchase, news comes along that flips things all around again. I was just starting to regret it once again and now Paramount announces they've decided to back HD DVD exclusively after having spent some time leaning towards the Blu-ray side of things. The motivation? Rumour has it that a $US150 million exclusivity agreement has been reached that includes everything but Spielberg films for some reason.

Serious folks, this has dragged on long enough. Just stop f***ing with us consumers already? At this point I am so disgusted I'd rather just buy movies on DVD and be done with it. Hell, I'm amused by YouTube videos, why do I need hi-definition picture and sound anyway? I say we all just quit and form travelling bands that perform movies in people's house in exchange for room and board. Paramount Drops Blu-ray Support; Does Not Include Spielberg Movies []


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