PaRappa Sequel As A PSN Download? Perhaps

parappa.jpgMan, the world's gone Matsuura crazy! First PaRappa is released on PSP, then we get his new iPod game, and now we get murmurings that he and Sony are in (casual) talks about another PaRappa game. After finding out that Matsuura was both keen for another PaRappa and that Sony were interested, 1UP pressed the topic a little further, with Matsuura revealing:

Personally, I really love the downloadable games on PS3, but currently I don't have any discussion with Sony Computer Entertainment people right now. We are exchanging casual e-mails, meeting up sometimes. I would not be surprised if these kinds of discussions will be started in the near future.

PaRappa as a downloadable game? That would of course suggest a cheap price, and maybe downloadable content as well. Good luck with those casual meet-and-greets guys, because this would be real swell. PaRappa Creator Optimistic About New Sequel [1UP]


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