Perfect World Formally Announces 'Red Cliff' MMORPG

chibiconceptgirl.jpg As we mentioned last weekend, John Woo's next film 赤壁 (The Battle of Red Cliff) is getting the MMORPG treatment courtesy of one of China's biggest game companies, Beijing Perfect World. And in fine Perfect World tradition, they've presented us with an almost unintelligible press release telling us so! The game will be released ahead of the film and is scheduled to launch later this year (the film won't be arriving until 2008). Full release after the jump.

'The War of the Red Cliff' Breaks the Traditional Game Model

BEIJING, Aug. 23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ - Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd. announces that their new game, ''The War of the Red Cliff'' will break the traditional computer gaming concept. This game is nostalgic for many gamers who grew up playing ''3 Kingdoms 2 - The War of the Red Cliff," but rest assured that this new game does not conform to the traditional mould of games.

Beijing Perfect World will release "The War of the Red Cliff" in the fourth quarter of 2007. This game is sure to bring excitement to gamers. The game's eighteen characters each posses a unique weapon, which players can enhance the use of throughout the game. A great deal of fanatic movements along with various skills featuring special effects guarantees that this game will entertain game enthusiasts.

Contrary to other online games, Beijing Perfect World will add software that will allow fighting motions throughout the game. Most other games have limitations such as skill ability, where the majority of attacks occur in actionless conditions. This limitation was seen in a game labelled ''Fury Warfare,'' where two players were fighting to the death, had their characters in a stand still mode during combat. In ''The War of the Red Cliff,'' courageous and valiant generals move in a combination of attack manners in order re-create a motion-plus-assault mode. In the game, players can experience the tussles in fighting, which only exists in the wrestling games.

Besides common motions found the wrestling games, many other kinds of action motions underline detailed motions of players are present in ''The War of The Red Cliff.'' This action game will improve the sense of reality in the battlefield of the troubled era of the three kingdoms.


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