Perpetual Publishing Gods & Heroes Alone

godsheroesbox.jpgSOE is a big name in the MMO business. Perhaps too big a name. Perpetual Entertainment has clarified Sony Online Entertainment's role in their upcoming MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, assuming full publishing duties while SOE will continue to handle marketing and retail distribution of the title. Previously listed as co-publishers, Warcry explains that the move is to make sure credit for the development of the game goes solely to Perpetual as this is their fledgling project, with the power to define them as a company. I am wondering if similar steps will be taken for Pirates of the Burning Sea, which SOE is publishing for Flying Lab. With both games being presented at major gaming events by SOE the confusion over roles is sure to come up in Pirate's case as well.

Perpetual Reassumes Publishing Duties From SOE [Warcry Network]


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