PETA's Super Mario Bros. Platformer

super_chick_sisters.jpgFull of copyright infringing cutscenes, passable platforming and propaganda about KFC's chicken raising standards, PETA's Super Chick Sisters is the kind of Flash-based edutainment that only the animal rights group could provide. Tasked with rescuing a kidnapped Pamela Anderson, decked out in royally tasteful clothing, lead chickens Nugget and Chickette embark on a lesson filled adventure.While Wii injury jokes abound, the rest of the game is filled with PETA-calibre serious messages. You'll trounce disembodied Colonel Sanders heads attached to robotic legs, eat tofu (natch) to double your size, and face many bloody buckets of death. It's a quick romp, one that's surprisingly well designed.

For those who tire of the infantile, pre-programmed, anti-PETA comments sure to come, there are five levels of chicken platforming awaiting you. Enjoy!

Super Chick Sisters [PETA - thanks, Neoness!]


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