Molyneux: Most Role-Playing Games Are Shit

pete.jpgPete Molyneux has been around. He knows his games. He especially knows his role-playing games, since it's all he's been doing for the past 4-5 years. So when asked about Fable 2's combat system, dude let loose:

It's amazing for a role playing game, because most role playing games are shit! Oblivion was a great game, but the combat was rubbish; we all talked about it being rubbish. So imagine you had a great role-playing game and really, really good combat system.

Love it. Though we should normally chastise anyone who falls off the wagon, when it's Peter Molyneux's "I won't make grandiose claims" wagon we can allow a wry smile.
Fable 2 Hands-On & Molyneux Interview [Kikizo]


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