PlayStation Eye Has More Potential, Ability Than Wii Remote

ps3cam.jpgThe PlayStation Eye (ie EyeToy 2) and Wii Remote are kinda similar. Both rely on your movements, anyways. Can't they just get along? Nope. CVG are intent on turning brother against brother, and asked Eye of Judgement director Kazuhito Miyaki whether he thought Sony's new camera was a better gaming option than the Wii Remote:

In Eye of Judgement it's all about summoning the creatures. With other games it'll be about creating a whole different dynamic so, in a way, you could say there is much more potential and ability in our technology.

He may be right! The feature-set for the new camera sounds impressive, especially the multi-directional microphone. So it might have "potential"! Then again, the new EyeToy could also have the "potential" to be played twice then put in the cupboard. Just like the old one. Sony: Eye Toy has more potential than Wii Remote [CVG]


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