Playstation Store Concept Should Be Reality

14486ab8735512bab18602c1bf897c146g.jpgThe PS Store is improving...slowly. But the interface leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared to the sleek layout of the XMB. This first image doesn't look all that impressive—but look what happens when you select the Featured tab: eb3b19fb9115f83f80b8212da531de876g.jpgHorizontal scrolling allows you to check out different media easily within the current interface, taking advantage of the wide aspect ratio to fit numerous large preview images on the screen at once. And general navigation can be as quick and easy as XMB is now. ae4e20fb78f09b22840e0af4ba7904256g.jpgPlus, the pain in the ass shopping cart interface has been simplified in scrollable icons.

I dread the day when I'll actually visit the PS Store on a regular basis. So go ahead Sony, rip off this design. It's OK if one designer's heart is broken for the good of many. Better yet, just hire him. And then you can sit around the bar, telling interface jokes at LIVE Marketplace's expense (or at least show your face in public).

The "New" (photoshopped) PS Store [ps3forums] Thanks Gantz!


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