PlayStation Store Update: Beauty & The Beast

playstation_network_lifesty.jpgThe PlayStation Store for North America has been updated with a slew... no, no a plethora of quality goodies for PLAYSTATION 3 owners to slowly download. In addition to the already mentioned Folklore demo, PS3 owners can enjoy a recently updated [email protected] experience. The new [email protected] adds two new weapons to the title, four new cars, and fixes a bug that allowed certain ball and stick wiggle motions to cause the console to crash.The good stuff is right here, though. For anyone who might've missed it, Sony has uploaded a high-def version of the Metal Gear Solid 4 Games Convention trailer, "Beauty and the Beast." Clips for Heavenly Sword, Timeshift and Haze are also ready to invade your sectors. Wallpapers for WarHawk and flOw round out the gaming content.

So, kick back in your super cool pad, curl up to your special someone and make it a PlayStation Network night. Watching progress bars fill is the definition of a romantic Friday night.


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