PlayStation Store Update: ....Is This Thing On?

dirt_demo_ps3.jpgThe PlayStation Store has finally been updated for this Thursday's refresh, bringing a slew of new content to PLAYSTATION 3 owners. Demos for EA's NCAA Football 08 (728 MB) and Codemasters DiRT (553 MB) are up now and ready to download. New game videos include the new animated episode and a second "making of" clip for Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword, as well as new trailers for Folklore and Timeshift.

New movie trailers for Pixar's WALL-E, The Brothers of Solomon and The Lives of Others join new PS3 wallpapers for Blast Factor: Advanced Research and, again, Heavenly Sword. This update is so solid it makes me want to do our secret, multi-step handshake—you know, the one that ends with us doing a little hip bump and double finger gun snap-point at eachother?


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