Pokepalooza Promotes Gamer Friendliness

new_dp_starters.jpgIn this day of black hat hackers, rabid fanboys and FPS mania, it's good to see some folks getting out there and helping each other out for the sake of video games. The purveyors of pokepalooza.aceboard.com a forum for Pokemon afficianados is hosting a weekend long Pokepalooza ( Friday 9:00AM PST until Sunday 11:00PM PST) for the purpose of meeting, trading and otherwise hob-nobbing with your fellow Pokemon trainers. Forum creator ANGELICHAVEN has this to say about the event:

I and a bunch of other trainers across the globe will be hosting Pokepalooza, and I'm asking for YOUR help. This is a great event where Pokemon fans get the opportunity to help each other. Dont worry, when we do this event, everything will be FREE, YES FREE! We will be sharing our pokes (yes, even EVENT POKES), TMs, Berries, and whatever else you may need, I'm SURE we will have it. And, to those of you asking "what's the catch?" Well, there is NO CATCH! This is just a big giveaway to help other people out so YOUR participation will be very APPRECIATED. Remember, my team and I expect NOTHING BACK, although a simple "thank you" will surely make our day!

Now that is what I call sweet. Now we just need to send this news to all those nasty WoW goldfarmers and maybe they'll start giving away their services for a simple thank you. The world would be a better place. Pokepalooza Forum [pokepalooza.aceboard.com]


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