Postal 3 Web Page Is Live, Offensive

postal3screen.jpgPostal 3 developer has launched a Postal 3 section on their website, featuring game information and screens that I will post here so you don't really have to visit the page at all. Running With Scissors and the Postal franchise have a long-running tradition of being as offensive as they can be without...well without nothing. Just offensive. Take the 'disclaimer' at the bottom of the page, for instance.

POSTAL III is not intended for politicians, your mum, your little sister, or the priest molesting her. It is a game about free will. Violence begets violence and the choice is yours.

Lovely. The game will feature the Postal Dude exploring fictionally scenic Catharsis, AZ, interacting with evil nuns and the Taliban as he follows one of three paths: The Good, The Bad, and The Insane. The game also promises cameos from real life 'stars' from film and music personalities to Playboy Playmates. So far for me the only really enticing information here is that the game will feature a weapon called the Chain Scythe. Mmmm, Chain Scythe.


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