Price Drop Spikes 360 Sales

360pricedrop.JPGI suppose it isn't too surprising that today's $US50 price drop caused a bit of a spike in Amazon sales of the Xbox 360. Though as of this afternoon, it's still nowhere near the 1,000 percent jump the 360's HD-DVD received after its price drop and five free HD-DVD deal.

Currently the Elite version of the 360 is seeing a 164 per cent increase, jumping from the 37 spot all the way up to number 14. Meanwhile the 20GB version of the 360 is up 258 per cent leap-frogging the Elite in popularity as it skips from 43 to the 12 spot. I was a little surprised to see that the the lonesome core 360, cheapest of the trio, was nowhere to be seen in the top 20. Despite its low, almost Wii-like price, its down in the sales doldrums, bumped up a mere 49 per cent from 268 to 179. Hey, I guess consumers are smart afterall.

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