Pro Evo 2008 To Feature CHEATING

henrydive.jpgThe gentlemen at IGN Australia just got hold of some preview code for Pro Evo 2008, and one thing stands out for me. The game now features "simulation". Or diving. Or cheating. If you're an attacker through on goal, pulling both shoulder buttons will cause your player to go to ground. Do it right, you earn yourself a penalty and a cheap goal. Get it wrong and the ref will book you. I don't like this. Not one bit. Multiplayer games just became a whole lot more...unsavoury, and if this feature makes it into the singleplayer game, and I lose a cup quarter-final to a diving opponent...I fear for my 360, and what I'll do to it as I boil with rage. Pro Evo Soccer 2008: AU Hands-On [IGN]


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