Professor Layton Gets Sequel, Live Action Movie

newlaytongame.jpg More puzzles and pretty pictures! At a recent symposium, Japanese developer Level5 announced Professor Layton and the Devil's Box, the second entry into its popular Professor Layton puzzle series and out November 29th. With a theme song is by Japanese songstress Salyu, the game has players try to find Satan's box and solve riddles. Doesn't sound like a drastic departure from the first game. Here's the surprising bit: There are plans to make a Layton film. However! The movie will not be animated, but rather, live-action. The game has some truly beautiful animated sequences, and this decision seems somewhat odd. Level5 seems invested in capitalising on the multi-media aspects of Professor Layton. At the press event, Pokémon series producer Masakazu Kubo discussed the importance of movie, manga and online incarnations of Professor Layton — something he definitely knows about! The series has been a monster hit for Level5. Now watch them run with it. Hopefully not into the ground. New Layton [Famitsu]


    When is Professor Layton and the Devils Box going to be released in Australia?

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