“PS3 Benefitting From Gears of War”

“PS3 Benefitting From Gears of War”

giantreinface2.jpg Once again, Epic honcho Mark Rein gives a master-class in flamebait. Previously, he was going on about that groovy Blu-ray. And now? Now he’s talking about how the PLAYSTATION 3 is benefitting from Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War. I’ll let Rein explain. Sounds better when he says it:

Now, oddly enough, we’re a little ahead on PLAYSTATION 3 compared to where we were at this time on Xbox 360, and what I mean by that is our code and our level of completeness, and that’s because we have shipped a game with UE3 already. So PLAYSTATION 3 is very much benefiting from Gears of War. That sounds silly, but it’s very much benefiting from Gears of War. And the point is that we’re more prepared today for PLAYSTATION 3 than we were for Xbox 360 this time last year, and the engine is running a little better — we’re X frames ahead with, let’s not forget, a lot more polygons and a lot more materials, a lot more characters and a lot more projectiles. When you see UT, this pushes the engine a lot harder than Gears of War did.

So! If you thought Gears of War on the Xbox 360 was hot shit, wait until you see Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3. Epic’s “a little ahead,” and the engine’s “a little better.” But the game? A LOT BETTER. Must be all those extra maps Rein is cramming in there.

In other Mark Rein news, what about claims that Silicon Knight’s legal claims that Epic delivered crummy support? Epic delivers fantastic support, buster. Just ask Rein! This after the jump.

We deliver fantastic support. You just need to talk to our licensees… I don’t believe anybody delivers better support than us, and, when you have a question about our engine, it’s answered by the guy who made that particular thing in the engine. When you have a question about art in the game, you have all of our artists reading those questions, so we have artists that are actually making real award-winning, leading-edge, number-one best-selling games of this generation…

So if you have a question about the graphics rendering, you go right to the guy who wrote the graphics rendering, not some middle-man who’s going to try and figure out the question for you. We’ve got a 1700-page book for Unreal Engine 3 now that’s going to be published by the world’s largest book publisher either this fall or winter, geared a lot at both end users and licensees because it’s a how-to book for the Unreal editor. We really do a good job on support, and I think if you talk to some of our customers, you talk to Midway, you talk to Gearbox and some of these other guys, I think they’ll tell you that our support is very good.

Epic’s support is so good dammit, there’s a book. You got probs? You can read, right? Problem solved.
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