PS3 vs PSOne Prices As Measured In Beer

guine.jpgAttendees at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival were witness to a prime example of spin control and knowing your audience.

Former SEE boss Chris Deering did a bit of dub work on the truth by using the price of beer to prove that the Playstation 3 is in fact cheaper than the original Playstation was when it was released.

"In terms of the number of pints of beer you have to forego to get a PS3 it's really just the same as the number of pints of beer you had to forego to get a PS1 back in 1995".

And the maths checks out, according to Spong. The Deering Beers Scale proves that you could purchase a PS3 and nearly three beers for the cost of a PSOne. Whoever figured that out for Deering deserves a raise, in Guinness.

PlayStation 3 Cheaper Than PSOne In Beer [Spong]


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